Quebec Welcomed 52,800 New Immigrants in 2023

Inmigracion Canadiense Quebec

Canada’s population grew faster last year than at any other time since the 1950s, Statistics Canada reported on Wednesday. Many immigrants are moving to Canadian cities that offer good working conditions. Contact Inmigración Canadiense to learn about the requirements for immigrating. According to the statistical agency, the population grew by 3.2% in 2023, reaching 40,769,890 […]

Inmigración Canadiense: Canadian Vacation Spots for Your Weekend Getaway

Inmigración Canadiense

Inmigración Canadiense highlights the best Canadian vacation spots for your weekend getaway. These vacation spots are quite under-the-radar compared to the other well-known vacation locations.  These spots have different attributes, such as bustling small cities about to break big, and outdoor adventures with puffins and bison. Inmigración Canadiense could also confirm that some of these […]